200 Years Since The Peterloo Massacre

Next week will mark the 200th anniversary of The Peterloo Massacre, when cavalry charged into a massive crowd of men, women and children who had gathered at a peaceful rally to demand political reform.

As many as 18 people lost their lives and up to 700 others were injured in the massacre, and it as been described as "one of the defining moments of its age."

The massacre took place on Monday 16 August 1819 at St Peter's Field, Manchester, a three acre site which is now occupied by the Radisson Hotel. The hotel had a blue plaque on the wall until 2007 when it was replaced by a red plaque giving a fuller account of the events.

The Peterloo Massacre had little to no effect on the speed of reform, although in time all but one of the reformers demands (annual parliaments) were met.